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Sometimes the best advertising that a company or individual could receive is from those past and present clients who are willing to share their real-life experiences as experienced in real world conditions. These are experiences that can demonstrate one’s ability to work under pressure and excel under unusual circumstances in situations that a commercial mortgage loan professional experiences on a ongoing basis.  Below are just a few of many, past and present clients and industry colleagues who have stepped forward and volunteered to share these real-life experiences and thoughts about working with Ray Wateska and CommercialProjectConsulting.com

Scott Stone, Founder and Co-Owner of Synergy Ad Solutions, former Area Sales Manager of New Century Mortgage, former Branch Manager AAA Mortgage Loans and Investments. Hired Ray (Ray Wateska) as a business consultant in 1995 and hired Ray (Ray Wateska) more than once.

Top qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity 

I was first introduced to Ray (Ray Wateska) back in 1995 when a fellow mortgage professional recommended him to assist me with some issues we were having on a local commercial loan transaction.  As the branch manager for AAA Mortgage Loan and Investment in Lakeland, Florida it was my obligation to do everything in my power to assist my clients with getting their loan funded.  And so, I engaged Ray (Ray Wateska Westshore Mortgage & Investments Co., Inc.) to help me resolve the problems that were holding up the closing for our client’s project.

Ray (Ray Wateska) not only came through and helped us save the deal but, he also taught us a few things in the process. He is the ultimate problem solver. His unique ability to find positive attributes in a file loaded with negatives and then develop a strategy to present a file to an underwriter for funding has proven to be an invaluable resource for both me and my clients. The end result is that he is helped us to successfully complete financing for clients we would’ve typically turned away without his assistance.

In closing I would like to say that I’m proud to offer my recommendation of Ray Wateska both, personally and professionally. It is a privilege to do business with him these last 16 years and I’m confident that I will seek his knowledge and expertise for my projects in the years to come.
Colter Brinkley, MS @ SeoStylist.com, CEO, Success Stories Group, Inc. (colleague) worked directly with Ray (Ray Wateska) 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ray (Ray Wateska) on many joint projects over a 20 year period. His attention to detail, leadership abilities and problem solving skills have made him a top gun in any venture. If you work with Ray (Ray Wateska), you will get results far above your expectations.

Jesse Ferrer (Realtor and Client) Hired Ray (Ray Wateska) as a business consultant in 2002 and hired him more than once. 

Top qualities:  Great results, Personable, Expert

I would like to comment on the professionalism and work experience that our office has received from Ray Wateska and CaribbeanMortgageLoans.com. We have worked closely with Ray (Ray Wateska) since 2002 on various domestic and international transactions ranging from simple, commercial property acquisition loans for our buyers to more complex financing transactions for our commercial property developer clients. We frequently require his skills, knowledge and expert consulting advice for our clients commercial property development projects. Often, it’s his guidance that is the deciding factor in whether or not the transactions can be done at all. Mr. Wateska (Ray Wateska) has been a tremendous resource for our customers and we look forward to continued business with him and his companies for many years to come. I and my clients are confident that we will continue to receive exceptional service from both, him and his staff and I highly recommend Mr. Wateska’s (Ray Wateska) services to anyone looking for an expert in this field.

David Lucio, Realtor, Mortgage Broker (Mexico)

Since the time I have worked with Ray (Ray Wateska) he has demonstrated he is the most professional, hard-working, passionate person. For our company, working with Ray (Ray Wateska) means compromise, commitment, reliability and trust. His wide mortgage knowledge became a key for our success. It’s a pleasure working with such an amazing, professional person.

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  1. Jesse Ferrer says:

    I'm a Real Estate agent in Florida and I have had the honor of working with Ray Wateska for many years on multiple transactions.  He has been a great resource to me and my firm in areas of finance.  His attention to detail and ability to qualify the deal before we go into negotiations has saved me countless frustrating negotiations that would have ultimately resulted in the deal falling apart in the end.  It is important to go into a negotiation with a clear picture of what will and will not work.  For a transaction to come together and move smoothly it requires a team effort and I could not ask for a better team player when working on a deal with Ray.  He offers creative solutions when available to help whenever a deal "has hit the wall."  I'm sure anyone who has had the opportunity to work with Ray will attest to his willingness to go the extra mile to lend a hand in the transaction process.  I do like the fact that he doesn't try to sugar coat it he has always been straight with me on what he can deliver on and I like that about working with Ray.   

  2. Andie Richardson says:

    Regarding Ray Wateska and CommercialProjectConsulting.com and CaribbeanMortgageLoans.com –  When it comes to hiring the right man for your team Ray Wateska is that guy.   His unflinching, unyielding, zealous approach to getting the job done, takes him above and beyond the norm of pursuing funding for his clients. He always takes matters to the next level, and challenges the limitations of boundaries while on his mission to satisfy customer's needs.   Ray Wateska knows how to get the job done.    A satisfied customer.     Andie Richardson    St. Maarten & Miami, Florida

  3. Kaushik Patel says:

    I hired the services of Mr. Ray Wateska – of CommercialProjectConsulting.com in January 2012. Mr. Wateska has been an excellent resource since the beginning of this undertaking for assisting Scorpigem Inc. in its goal to acquire an excellent revenue producing hotel property. Although, our transaction was not an average easy to solve project, Mr. Wateska was very much forthcoming and willing to accept our challenging project. Since then, with his expertise and timely consulting advice, Mr. Wateska has not left any stones unturned and has effectively guided our company in the right direction to acquire this project. I personally recommend the services of Mr. Ray Wateska to anybody who is looking for an honest, personable, timely, and dependable individual to deliver fast and effective results for their Commercial Acquisitions and Development Projects.
    Kaushik Patel, President and CEO, Scorpigem, Inc. British Columbia, Canada and Texas, USA

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