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FREE Initial Commercial Financing Feasibility Review

Do you have a commercial transaction in need of financing that has not yet gone through a commercial financing feasibility review? Are you unsure if it will “pass the test” to meet the guidelines for submission to the investors or lenders?  As you know, the last thing that a borrower wants to do is to submit a loan request “blindly” without having an expert review it beforehand because as the saying goes, “you only have one chance to make a first impression” with the submission of their financing request.


This is especially true when submitting a commercial financing request that doesn’t quite “fit” an Underwriter’s guidelines for consideration. Well, we have a solution to your problem. We will provide a FREE, initial feasibility review of your financing request to determine the probability of successful funding. With more than 18 years of commercial project consulting and commercial financing experience, we can identify potential “problems” that may prevent the file from ever passing the initial review stage and getting accepted by the Underwriter.

Click here to download the Commercial Project Consulting Worksheet (CPC Worksheet)

Furthermore, we will use our years of hands on experience to assist the borrowers by offering recommendations relating to the structure or restructuring of the project’s commercial financing request to gain investor interest, based on their appetite for the specific commercial financing transaction in question. These recommendations will not only aid in meeting the investors underwriting and funding requirements but will also meet the borrower’s needs as well. Contact Ray Wateska for more information about this valuable, FREE service that can make the difference as to whether or not your project makes it past the initial review stage and on towards a successful closing and funding.

We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your commercial financing needs.

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