About Us

Background & Business Activities

WMII is a strong consultancy firm specializing in the delivery of commercial business solutions for commercial project development and commercial construction projects primarily located throughout the US and the Caribbean. Together with our customers, we design long-term strategies to achieve the most advantageous venture performance.

We develop, execute and implement proven strategies that adapt to customers' explicit unique requirements. This goal is achieved through solid partnership with other internal and external experts and affiliates which enables WMII to incorporate the most effective solution to your business requirements.


Our client base spans market industries, including property owners, developers and construction managers.


WMII Company History


2007:  Geographic region expanded throughout the Caribbean.

2006:  Geographic region expanded into Mexico.

2003:  New services introduced and geographic region expanded into Canada.

1997:  Introduced "broker correspondent program" to assist commercial financing professionals and their clients.

1993:  Company founded to support affiliated commercial mortgage company clients financing requests and established the Tampa, Florida office.




Ray Wateska – Senior Project Consultant  / Advisor


Bernard Ford – Internal Appraisal Review


Thomas Sulkowski – Business Plan and Document Review


Victor Bataglia – Compliance