Commercial Project Consulting

Our consulting firm works with project principals to analyze and review their commercial development and construction projects and determine feasibility and probability of a successful funding. We have more than 19 years experience underwriting and structuring commercial project development packages and can be a valuable asset to you when submitting your financing request.

This is because we not only work to obtain an optimal loan structure that the lenders and investors require but we can also identify hidden and/or unforeseen problems that may impede your ability to obtain financing for your property or project. Our experience and expertise in this area enables us to resolve those issues prior to submission to lenders and investors which will eliminate any adverse actions and the possibility that your loan will be declined due to these yet to be identified problems.

Consulting and Operations

Taking your domestic and international projects and your goals into account, we offer consulting, structuring and placement referral services.

Initial Project Feasibility Review

Over 24 years of underwriting experience is utilized to identify hidden and unforeseen problems detrimental to your project.


Our competent, responsible consultants are at your service and provide dedicated project support.

Project Review Consultation

After the initial feasibility review, consultation, and overall project evaluation, we’re at your side for all aspects of the consulting process. We help you with all questions related to the optimal structure of the project.

Project Consulting and Structuring

Our consultants provide field-tested analysis, assessment, and project re-structuring when necessary, to gain investor interest and increase investor appetite to significantly increase your chances of successful funding.

Project Placement and Funding

Our affiliated company, Westshore Mortgage & Investments Co., Inc. d/b/a carries out all project financing duties and sees your project through to closing and funding.

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